Gripmaster Pro Edition for Grapplers - Review

Want to have hands of steel? A Vice-like, rock crushing grip? Take a look at the Gripmaster Pro Edition

Gripmaster Pro Edition Mini Review

Many of you have seen these hand gripper tools before. Actually these grippers are used for a variety of purposes, but in my opinion, combat sports athletes such as brazilian jiu-jitsu and judo enthusiasts will find great benefit from using them.


Unlike the usual hand grippers, the Gripmaster is able to train the hands as well as the fingers individually or at the same time. you can develop really good hand and finger strength after working with this tool for a short period.

The Gripmaster Pro (for the medium tension version) has a tension of 7 lbs, which is ideal for general training. You don't really need a higher tension one (which may be over 9 lbs) unless you're strong as the Hulk! 

This tool sits on your hands nicely and is well built, feels sturdy and comfortable as well. It's easy to carry around as it fits in your pocket. You will be able to do many exercises in order to strengthen your hands.


Seriously, this Gripmaster Pro is a must-have for BJJ guys who want to improve their collar chokes and grip control over their opponents, especially for those tough rolling sessions, as well as competition.

Image result for roger gracie cross choke
Strong hands to choke out your opponent

A minus point for me, is that after a while of using this tool, it starts to creak when you squeeze the handles. No big deal really, if you're at home. But if you want to be working your grips in the evening and don't want to disturb your wife/husband/etc, or if you're at a business meeting, you may not like to work your grips on the Gripmaster and make creaky noises!

Other than that, I think this is a perfect tool for grapplers to improve their gripping and hand strength. A medium tension Gripmaster Pro only costs $13.06, which is very affordable. I give this exercise tool a 4.5 out of 5.

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