10 Tips to Improve your BJJ Game!

I got his one from one of Matt Arroyo and Rob Kahn's e-mails. Matt and Rob are black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and creators of the BJJ Manifesto course, and that means they know what they are talking about...

Rob Kahn & Matt Arroyo

Here are the 10 tips to "Up your Jiu Jitsu Game":

1. Make sure you have a legitimate instructor, preferably a black belt in the art. You don't want to learn the wrong techniques, especially in the beginning, and risk building a poor foundation. Learn it the right way, right from the start.

2. Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals!! Cool, fancy looking moves may be fun to train (and in some cases, they have their place)  but don't put these ahead of your fundamentals. Master the  fundamentals first.

3. Always be the one in action making your opponent react. Keep your opponent in a state of reaction to your moves . This will put him in a defensive mode rather than an offensive mode. Like many other sports, your best defense is a good offense.

4. Always have 3 types of training partners. A partner who is less skilled than you, so that you can work your offense. A partner who is much better than you, so you can work your defense. Finally, one who is at the same skill level as you so you can work both and have a competitive match.

5. When your instructor teaches a technique in class, keep repping the move until he is ready to show the next one. You will be surprised at how much more your muscle memory kicks in by repping the moves just a few more times than you normally would (And you'll make your instructor happy.)

6. Attend class 3-6 times per week. Anything less than 3 classes and your brain will not retain the techniques shown. If you can make it to 6 classes per week, you will have no choice but to rapidly improve.

7. When you get really good at a particular submission, DON'T USE IT AS MUCH. Put it away in your tool box and begin to work on other submissions that you don't do as well. Repeat this process for your whole Jiu Jitsu career. The same goes for sweeps and escapes as well.

8. Always work on your Cardiovascular Conditioning. Most times, you will see that the better conditioned athlete defeats the more skilled athlete because of his ability to out work his opponent. Improve your cardio by circuit training, running sprints, and most importantly, lots of rolling. Try to complete five 5 minute rounds of rolling each time you train, even if you're tired.

9. Wear a cup. This simple step will give you more confidence with submissions such as armbars, triangles, and guard passing defense without the fear of hurting the family jewels. It also makes your armbars tighter because your opponent's elbow is on a higher platform.

10. Never stop learning. Become a student of the sport. Go to seminars, buy DVD instructionals and books on Jiu Jitsu. If you learn just one technique or detail that improves your game, then it is well worth your investment (and you usually do.)

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  1. At first, my son didn't want to wear a cup because he was too embarrassed. But ever since his instructor told him he needs to, he doesn't think twice about it. I thought moms were always right, right? :)

  2. Great post - there are allot of average instructors around, this will help people find good ones.

    Could I share this post on my blog?

  3. Wow! your tips was incredible and I was impressed with this post. This can be a big help for those who want to Up their Jiujitsu Game. Thank you for sharing.