Bigfoot stomps Fedor at Strikeforce Heavyweight GP 2011 !

Fedor Emelianenko, the MMA fighter widely  regarded by many as the greatest fighter in mixed martial arts history was heavily beaten by his opponent Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in the main event of the Strikeforce GP card at the Izod Center last night.

Silva, who has won 16 fights to 2 losses, dominated the fight, and put on a dominating performance against Fedor in the second round. Silva scored an easy double-leg takedown, passed Fedor's half guard to side control and then mounted the Russian.Silva was in complete control as he went for ground and pound from the mounted position, attempted rear naked choke attacks when Fedor gave his back, and later almost finished Fedor wirh an arm triangle. However, Fedor escaped when Silva tried a kneebar, as Fedor himself attempted a heel hook at the end of Round 2.

Fedor's right eye was swollen shut and the doctor inevitably called a stop to the contest.

Fedor hinted at retirement and said “Maybe it is the time to leave. Maybe it is the last time, Maybe it is my time. Thank you for everything.”

“A lot of people say he has the strength of a bear, but I have the strength of Bigfoot " said Silva  at the post-fight press conference.

Check out the fight here:

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