BJJ: Secret to Escaping Side Control Position

I know many students of grappling arts, especially those who train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling encounter this problem. They get their guard passed and end up underneath their opponent in side control. Most guys struggle really hard to get out. Most end up getting submitted, and those who do manage to escape expanded so much energy that they have no more gas in the tank to continue rolling.

Well, there are hundred of videos out there teaching escapes from side control, but I found this one taught by Keith Owen (who is an excellent black belt instructor under Pedro Sauer), to be particularly simple and effective.

This one is where Keith Owen teaches the proper angle to make space in order to facilitate the escape:

Once you make the required space, you will then use the space to maneuver your legs into place to recompose your guard, as shown here:

Therefore, the "secret" is to create the angle so that you have space to get your legs back into guard. Simple, right? I've implemented this into my escapes everytime I roll in class, and it works almost all the time. Give it a try!

If you're interested in Keith Owen's BJJ instructional series, please check out his webpage here.


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