Personal: Kettlebell workout of the day for overall fitness and conditioning

Today I decided to try out a workout program I learned from the follow- along DVD series called Art of Strength: Providence.

The workout consisted of 14 rounds of various kettlebell exercises, such as swings,squats, cleans, chest presses, clean and press, floor press, and many other compound exercises such as windmill to overhead squat.

There is also a 15th bonus round , which was 3 minutes of single arm snatches. I could only last 1.5 minutes...

 I found the workout to be intense and challenging, and even with the 1 minute breaks in between, the workout thoroughly kicked my ass...

This is a great workout. You only need 1 kettlebell and a bit of room to swing. I'll likely try to do it once or twice a week to increase my overall strength endurance, and conditioning, especially for my brazilian jiu-jitsu training.

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You may also like this kettlebell for fat loss program called Kettlebell Burn.

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  1. Kettle bells are a great tool for workout exercises as opposed to dumbbells. They allow for more leverage and handling. Do you know if this is available at local stores?