BJJ: How to Learn Eddie Bravo's Rubber Guard System

In my opinion, if you like playing  guard game, especially closed guard, then the Rubber Guard should be made a part of your grappling arsenal.

The Rubber Guard is a tight clinching guard, and keeps your opponent wrapped up. He will have much difficulty even attempting to pass your guard. So while he's stuck inside your guard, you have loads of time and opportunity to set up some attacks. Submissions such as invisible collar, omoplata, triangle, climbing armbar and gogoplata should be the go-to attacks from the rubber guard.

Although Eddie Bravo focuses on nogi, his system can also be used for gi grappling. I have personally used rubber guard effectively in my BJJ class, usually finishing with invisible collar, gogoplata and tepee.

Here are some clips that teach rubber guard basics. And also look at the videos where Eddie Bravo rolls with his students to see the rubber guard in live action. Enjoy!

And here are the videos of Eddie Bravo rolling:

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  1. These are great. Thanks for the videos and tutorial.

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