UFC 128: Watch out for the "Hybrid" Brendan Schaub

Brendan "the Hybrid" Schaub is a relative newcomer in the world of mixed martial arts competition. I've seen a few of his heavyweight fights in the UFC where the guy has scored a couple of impressive victories against tough opponents. Schaub's got heavy hands, especially his big right hand which he used to good effect against Gormley (UFC Live) and Tuchscherer (UFC 116). OK, Those guys were not big names in UFC but The Hybrid's impressive knockout wins made fight fans take notice.

Gonna knock you out!

Then at UFC 121 Schaub scored a big upset when he outpointed Gabriel Gonzaga. He displayed  efficient striking prowess against the Brazilian BJJ black belt Gonzaga, where he landed many punches in a 3 round slugfest.

Taking on Gonzaga

Now Schaub will be facing Croatian MMA legend Mirco Crocop in the UFC 128 this weekend. Who's gonna win this one? My money's on the Hybrid. Why? He's young (age 28), strong and possesses fast heavy hands. Crocop on the other hand is older (age 37). No doubt, Crocop is still a very dangerous opponent, and can win the fight with one well placed kick. However, I believe he isnt as sharp as he used to be.

Kick you, I will...

“We’re supposed to go in there and be exciting and knock people out,” says Schaub. “That’s what we’re paid to do, particularly as heavyweights. When I don’t finish, I’m not happy. And I didn’t get a finish in my last fight. It’s awesome for me now, fighting in this situation against a guy like Mirko. I just want to go out and take advantage of the opportunity.”

Can the young upstart do it? We'll just have to wait for UFC 128...

Anyway, you can see highlights of the Hybrid's fights below:

Update: Schaub knocked out Crocop at the recent UFC 128. Awesome fight, which I thought Crocop was winning before he got smashed by the overhand right.

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