UFC 129: Champ GSP Goes Into Action Against Jake Shields

GSP vs Jake Shields

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St Pierre, better known as GSP will be heading for a big showdown against former Strikeforce middelweight champ Jake Shields. Shields is a relative newcomer to the UFC, having made his debut in UFC 121.

GSP's last fight was against Josh Koscheck in UFC 124. There, GSP showed the fight world that he had awesome boxing skills, throwing jab after jab at Koscheck, swelling up both his eyes.

GSP Superman Punch

In my opinion, GSP is a fighting machine - he is a complete fighter, having the skills, both standing and on the ground, strong, and he has tons of cardio. GSP  also fights  strategically and is not prone to making errors. No wonder he is considered the world's best pound for pound fighter.

On the other hand, Shields has shown that his submission skills are solid. However, he was far from impressive in his last bout against Martin Kampmann, where Shields won a tight split decision.

Shield's mount attacks

Most fans are already talking about a clash of titans between GSP and Anderson Silva. However, GSP said "I don't even think about this (Silva fight) right now," I never thought about it, I always live in the present moment. My biggest problem is Jake Shields and it would be foolish for me to look past Jake Shields. He poses the biggest threat to my title."

Shields realises that he is the underdog, and he said "I think they both have been so dominant in the UFC the past few years, people are talking about it (GSP vs Silva). But I think it'd be a big mistake to overlook me because i plan on coming out there and spoiling that fight."

I think it's going to be  great fight. My prediction? GSP by unanimous decision. Shields' grappling skills are top notch, but GSP has soundly beaten great BJJ players before (Serra and Penn come to mind), and I think he will be a bit too much for Shields to handle. Anyway we'll just have to wait til April to see if I'm right...

Promo vid of the fight below:

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  1. Guess your prediction was right! So did you put up any bets on this game? Seems like your predictions are right on.