Small but Dangerous? That's Caio Terra

In no-gi action

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Caio Terra is only 58kg but he is a fierce competitor on the mat and has won numerous international  level BJJ competitions, including the World Championships (better known as BJJ Mundials), both for gi and no-gi. He also has titles in the Pan American BJJ Championships. In the 2010 Las Vegas International Open Caio was the first  rooster weight or someone under 130lb who had ever won a BJJ championship at a major league/federation in the open weight division.

Competing in the 2008 Mundials

Caio may not be the strongest or most flexible competitor. However, this means that all the techniques he teaches can be done by anyone no matter how big, strong or flexible they are. Caio has created new techniques and have adapted old ones that he believes anyone can learn. The details of his techniques have rarely been viewed before and once mastered they are extremely hard to counter.

We are now fortunate that Caio has recently released an instructional series detailing his many guard techniques, especially the half guard. You will be taught:

How to get out of bad spots
- How to master the underhook and hooks guard
- His favorite deep half guard moves
- How to master the inverted half guard
- His favorite moves from the upside down half guard
- The dangerous Terra's guard
- Moves from the 50/50 guard

All techniques are grouped in an easy to understand fashion that leaves you with many options depending on your opponents reaction.

You can get your copy of  Caio Terra's 111 Half Guard Techniques here:

Check out the preview clip below:

Here are more clips of Caio in action:

So if you really want to improve your guard game, you really have to get Caio Terra's latest DVD! It's really awesome!


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