Try this out : The 300 Kettlebell Challenge

maxwell 300 kettlebell challenge

Try this out : The 300 Kettlebell Challenge
(Mini Review)

Today I had a bit more time on my hands, so I went back to one of my favorite workout DVDs, which is Steve Maxwell's 300 Kettlebell Challenge program.

The workout combines kettlebell movements for joint mobility, cardio and strength. All the drills are combined to make a total of 300 vicious kettlebell repetitions. 


In my opinion, this kettlebell workout is one of the most intense I have ever tried, and I feel that it is also great to build muscle, boost my strength and endurance in a fun, challenging way.

Oh, and this type of workout is also perfect for those who train in combat sports like judo, jiu-jitsu, mma and wrestling.

Steve Maxwell - in awesome shape even though he is a "senior" guy
Basically, I performed these movements in one workout:

1. Around The Body Pass
2. Halo
3. Good Morning
4. Windmill
5. One Arm Swing
6. Swing High Pull
7. Snatch
8. Clean & Press
9. Circular Clean
10. Squat Press Combination
11. Cossack Curl
12. Reverse Lunge & Press
13. Deck Squat
14. Reverse Turkish Get-Up
15. Suitcase Row
16. Crush Press Situp
17. Russian Twist

 Some of them I did for 10 repetitions (per side), some I did for five repetitions per side. The total of repetitions for the whole workout was around 300.

I tried resting as little as possible (as was advised by Steve Maxwell in the DVD), and also tried not to put down the kettlebell in between exercises. It was hell!

It takes about 25 minutes to complete the whole kettlebell workout. I used a 16 kg kettlebell, by the way. If you are very strong and badass, go for a 20kg bell!

After completing the workout, I felt really great. My whole body was worked, from almost all angles too. My target is to do this 300 kettlebell workout at least once a week.

More about the DVD:

The Steve Maxwell 300 Kettlebell Challenge DVD series comes in 2 discs:


Disc 1 - Steve breaks down the 300 challenge by showing in detail:
  • The total 18 techniques that make up the 300 Challenge
  • How to use proper form and body movement for each technique

Disc 2- Steve takes you through step-by-step of the complete 300 Challenge and teaching you:
  • How to correctly adjust your speed and tempo for your kettlebell workout
  • How to use a range of strategies and techniques to survive your workout

Anyway, you can find Steve Maxwell's Kettlebell DVDs in the link HERE. Go get it if you want to develop some awesome strength and endurance.

Don't have kettlebells? Try this awesome dumbbell workout instead: 


  1. Fantastic Post. Maxwell is a legend with Kettlebells. They are, like you said,, very important for MMA. Your site reminds me a lot of Keep up the good work!

  2. Do you think this workout can be suitable for women too? Looks great, but challenging.

  3. Now a days women aslo looking for this type of belt.