The 3 Best Submissions in MMA

If you are a fan of mixed martial art fights like I am, you will notice that fighters have many ways to win a fight. There are punches, kicks, knees, elbow strikes, and then there are the submissions.

To me, nothing is better than seeing a fighter submit his opponent with a submission such as an armbar or a triangle choke.

So what are the best submissions in MMA? These are my top 3:

1. Armlocks

Two arm attacks that are forever burned into my memory are the kimura lock which Frank Mir slapped on Nogeuira in UFC 140. Noguiera’s refusal to tap when the kimura was locked in earned him a badly broken arm. I bet Nogeuira is now thinking...Why didn’t I tap?? (See vid below for breakdown of the Mir Noguiera fight)

 Speaking of not tapping, Miesha Tate also refused to tap to Ronda Roussey in their recent fight on           . But as we all know, there is no escaping the Ronda Roussey armbar!

2. Rear naked choke

The infamous RNC is a high percentage finish when the fighter takes his opponent’s back. Sometimes arm attacks are just not possible when the fighters are slippery with sweat (and sometimes blood). But a rear naked choke is quite easy to lock onto an opponent because the whole arm is wrapped tightly around the guy’s neck. There is less likelihood to slip out. Learn how to finish a RNC submission from the world's greatest BJJ grappler Marcelo Garcia below:

3. Triangle

My favourite submission to see in MMA is definitely the triangle. Who can forget the legendary Royce Gracie’s triangle on Dan Severn in UCF IV eons ago? It’s a great way to finish the fight. See Royce's traingle finish and the breakdown by the Gracie boys below:

So there you have it. The best submissions in MMA!

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