Most Awesome Free BJJ Guard Passing Video

I have seen many instructionals on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling in my many years of learning and practicing BJJ. I've paid for some, and seen some from friends, and nowadays, there are many available free on youtube.

Recently I came across this particular instructor's mini-instructional which he posts on youtube for free.

After viewing TrumpetDan's video on guard passing, I can say my mind is blown! The guy (who is a BJJ brown belt)'s knowledge is incredible and his teaching is very clear and concise. Watching and listening to TrumpetDan teaching the guard passing techniques made me think of him as a kind of mad BJJ scientist. It's just awesome stuff.

TrumpetDan shows us a guard passing game plan from standing, which covers counters to open guards such de la riva, spider guard, deep half guard, knee shield half guard, quarter guard and other variations. Simply one of the most brilliant and well presented BJJ instructionals out there, for free! 

Check it out below:

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