ONE FC: Destiny of Warriors

ONE Fighting Championship Kuala Lumpur: One F**CKING AWESOME !

Well there you have it. The biggest ever MMA event in Malaysia has just taken place. One Fighting Championships: Destiny of Warriors was held in the weekend at Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur.


Five stars out of Five!

Here are some things that  stood out the most for me on that night:

1. The atmosphere in the stadium – turnout was quite good, I believe that the stadium was at least 80% full. Fight fans came from Malaysia as well as other parts of the world. The legendary BJJ black belt Renzo Gracie and Jason Chambers of Human Weapon fame were also present to lend some fight celeb air to the event.

2. Peter Davis’ knockout of the Singapore “Hulk” Kim Hock – From the previews, Kim Hock looked like a tough dude, certainly someone who would have proven to give the Malaysian Davis a stern test. However, Davis came out swinging and took apart his much younger opponent in less than a minute! I was very impressed with Davis’ striking skills and his ability to finish the fight in such a devastating fashion. 

Pistol Pete

 3. Marcos Escobar – For a first timer in MMA, the Malaysian based Escobar performed like a seasoned pro. He easily controlled the fight against Rodrigo Praxedes and finished with a darce choke. Escobar was simply too big, too strong for the smaller Praxedes.

4. Arnaud Lepont –v Brian Choi –A come from behind victory for the Frenchman Lepont from Muayfit Malaysia against the Korean polar bear of Evolve Singapore. The Rocky movies came to mind. Oh yeah, I loved Lepont’s creative entrance. Thriller!

5. Adam Kayoom’s battle against Gregor Gracie – This was the match the local fight fans were waiting to see. Could local hero Adam defeat Gregor of the legendary Gracie family? The odds were heavily stacked against Kayoom, but he proved critics wrong when he outlasted Gracie for a decision win, and probably the biggest win of Kayoom’s career to date.

Adam Kayoom playing his guard game
  6. Ring girls - What can I say? The babes from Korea were definitely hot!

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