One of the main components of physical training in MMA is stretching for flexibility. Many of the world's top mixed martial artists take yoga classes to keep their bodies limber. Any time a fight goes to the ground, flexibility can provide a very important advantage. Fighters that have flexible hips and legs will have a better chance of defending his opponent get into a superior position. It can also help escape submissions, and in some cases can be used offensively to secure submissions. I'll be explaining the main benefits of training yoga for MMA.

Benefits To Striking

Increased flexibility will help the MMA fighter kick higher and punch harder. This means that the fighter will have a wider selection of moves in their arsenal. Not only will the fighter be able to kick higher, but they will have more muscular endurance. This is because the muscles won't have to work to perform certain moves. This will drastically increase the fighters stamina and means that they will be able to have longer lasting speed and agility.

Benefits To Submissions

Many yoga movements will work great in conjunction with Brazilian jiu-jitsu as they are using the same muscle groups. Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of BJJ. If you have a good level of flexibility then you'll be able to stand more of chance escaping submissions and getting your opponents into awkward positions.

Types Of Stretching

There are three main types of stretching. These are; static, ballistic and assisted. All of these methods of stretching are very beneficial. Static involves slowly moving the muscles beyond their normal length, and then remaining relaxed; more pressure should then be added after a period of time. Ballistic involves bouncing the muscle back and forth. This technique should only be performed if the muscles are fully warmed up and if the practitioner already has a decent level of flexibility. Assisted involves performing isometric stretches with a partner.

Training Yoga

There are so many ways to practice yoga. Many people choose to take classes. Some MMA gyms will actually have their own in-house yoga training, however most people will have to go to a separate establishment. There are ways to train yoga for MMA using the internet. There are programs that can be downloaded that will take you through the entire process and tell you how to design your very own yoga training plan. This is certainly recommended if you want to increase your overall fighting skills.

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If you are interested in flexibility training then yoga provides a great platform to improve your fighting skills.
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  1. Yoga is far more than just stretching. Western communities do not practice yoga so they dont know the effects.

    It boosts physical performance & mental awareness. Its somewhat
    like SOUL if one believes in it & practice meditation then only he/she can reap the benefits

    1. Yes, but the stretching in itself is beneficial to martial artists. One need not go into the meditation aspects for this.

    2. western communities don't practice yoga?! Have you been living under a rock? there are thousands of yoga studios in socal alone! Anyway yoga practice wether spirtiual or otherwise is great for martial artists(especially grapplers) adding flexibility and muscular endurance is key to being a capable martial artist. Leave all that spiritual mumbo jumbo at church where it belongs, you can be spiritual after you get choked out or knocked out, which is what will happen.