This is How You Finish an Armbar, Son!

Last weekend we watched a great fight between UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Brazilian veteran Vitor Belfort. The event took place at UFC 152 in Canada (Toronto), where Belfort, despite being an old hand and fan favorite, was a massive underdog.

Wisely (or some would say rather unwisely), Belfort pulled guard on Jones, risking a ground and pound assault by Jones. But I think everyone was surprised when Belfort managed to snag Jones' right arm and shot for the armbar from guard! Even more surprising was the fact that Jones was struggling with all his might to defend and escape from the armbar. It was that tight! I think any other guy would have tapped out but Jones miraculously managed to pull through. Belfort tried hard but could not finish the armbar.

I suppose Belfort kind of lost heart after that close finish, and could not offer much resistance to Jones, who smashed Belfort with numerous elbows to the head and face. There was one occasion where Belfort almost secured a triangle but I think time had run out in that round.

Anyway props to "Bones", who retained his light heavyweight title, tapping Belfort out with an americana, of all things.

So how does one finish an armbar from guard?  Check out these videos:

1. Burton Richardson shows what you can do if your opponent resists by stacking you.

2. Stephan Kesting shows how to overcome some errors when attempting the armbar from guard.

3. You could also transition to the "spider web" (as Eddie Bravo calls it) position - that is, you sweep the guy to his back and for for the finish. 


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