BJJ - Submission before Position? You bet!

Most beginning BJJ students are taught early on in class  - You must get good position before you go after the submission. For example, you need to get a good top position such as the mount, before you can go for the finishing move such as the armbar.

Well, that may be true, but somebody forgot to tell that to Magid Hage, who recently choked out two experienced black belt competitors Zak Maxwell and Clark Gracie. In the same tournament (Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials San Diego 2013)!

Magid Hage relied on the sneaky baseball choke from the bottom position. You get your grips set up, and bait your opponent by "allowing" him to pass your guard. As he passes , BAM!! The choke is sunk.

Here are the matches where Magid finishes with the baseball choke:

Magid vs Clark Gracie

Magid vs Zak Maxwell

So...How do we do this choke? Check out the tutorial below:

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