The popular and latest MMA event (biggest in South East Asia) was held in Kuala Lumpur again and this time it was held at an even bigger venue at the Bukit Jalil Stadium.

Yup, ONE Fighting Championships was back in town, this time it was titled "Return of the Warriors".

Some of the more noteworthy fights (especially to Malaysians) that were featured were the Melvin Yeoh vs Raymond Tiew fight, the return of Malaysian hero Adam Kayoom, and also the local celeb Peter Davis.

Adam Kayoom
Adam Kayoom easily dominated his Indonesian opponent Zuli Suliwanto, taking down the "Shark" early on in the first round, and proceeded in pass his guard, get mount, then back mount. Before you could even yell "finish him!", Adam was already tapping Zuli out with a rear naked choke. Classic BJJ finish by the BJJ black belt Adam Kayoom.

Johor MMA instructor Melvin Yeoh also had an impressive outing. He was involved in a kickboxing contest with the "Rocket" Raymond Tiew, but Melvin showed the MMA fans that it's not all about kicking your opponent. You need some skills on the ground. Melvin's guard game was solid, and despite the Rocket getting on top, he could not pass Melvin's closed guard. the much older Melvin surprised everyone when he shot for a triangle and finished the Rocket in the second round.

Peter Davis' fight turned out to be an anti climax. Leo Krishna, the so-called "BJJ specialist", took down Davis very early on in the first round, but he could not really do any damage to Davis. Davis also quickly reversed Krishna and obtained the mount. Krishna tried to escape and pull a footlock on Davis, and there was even a chance for him to finish a heel hook, but Davis started raining heel kicks on Krishna's face, causing severe damage to his face. The referee called the fight, Peter Davis won via stoppage. Too early maybe? Perhaps so. But I think Davis had too much firepower for Krishna anyway, and would have won regardless.

Ring girl Felixia Yeap helped turn up the heat

A good night overall, and here's hoping for bigger and more exciting ONE FCs!

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