P90X and RUSHFIT hybrid workout

What do you get when you mix in the world famous P90X workout and Georges St Pierre's MMA  Rushfit workout, with a smattering of Insanity? The answer is a very loud and clear - a KICK ASS workout!

Bruce Lee's awesome 6 pack
IN my quest to get the envied six pack abs like Bruce Lee's, I have begun my journey - using a hybrid of P90X, Rushfit and a couple cardio workouts from Insanity. I call this the Fit 90X Workout.

I'm basically taking mainly from the P90X classic workout schedule, but I've taken out some of the more boring ones like yoga and Kempo X. I've added in the Agility, Full Body and Fight Conditioning workouts from Rushfit, and also Insanity's Fast and Furious (as part of my cardio).

I have just completed Day 3 (which was Shoulders and Arms). I will give my feedback after completion of the first week.

Check in soon!

Workout for Week 1


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