P90X-Rushfit Hybrid - Into Week 3

Just updating on my my modified P90X & Rushfit workout. Week 3 has been completed, and essentially looked kinda like the Week 2 workouts.

Week 2 schedule:

Day 15: Chest & Back (P90X)
Day 16: Cardio (Insanity Fast & Furious plus Ab Ripper X)
Day 17: Shoulders/Arms (P90X)
Day 18: Ab Ripper X (P90X)
Day 19: BJJ training
Day 20: Legs and Back (P90X)
Day 21: BJJ training
Ab Ripper X for a strong core
The only tweak for his week was I did Insanity's Fast & Furious on Day 16. It was supposed to be Plyometrics, but I wanted a more pure cardio workout (which was short but intense). Fast & Furious is really tough! Physically demanding. No joke!
Finished off Day 16 with Ab Ripper X. Think I'm slowly getting the hang of the exercises, but those darn Mason Twists are frikkin' hard! I will master it soon!
I not that by doing so many pull ups on Days 15 and 20, my back muscles are feeling much stronger. And the abs workout from Ab Ripper X are slowly conditioning my core area. Core and back muscles are essential for grappling arts such as Jiu Jitsu. So I'm starting to really like pull ups and abs work.

Pull ups for a solid back


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