P90X Rushfit Hybrid - Week 2!

Week 2 of  my modified P90X & Rushfit workout has been done and dusted!

Week 2 schedule looked something like this:

Day 8: Chest & Back (P90X)
Day 9: Plyometrics (P90X)
Day 10: Shoulders/Arms (P90X)
Day 11: Ab Ripper X (P90X)
Day 12: BJJ training
Day 13: Legs and Back (P90X)
Day 14: BJJ training
Was supposed to do Ab Ripper X on Day 14, but had a tough private BJJ workout with an old friend who is an ATT black belt. Needless to say, I was too tired to do any other workouts for the day. But it's ok, as BJJ incorporates a lot of abs and core, so I guess abs work is considered to be covered for the day.

Have to work the arms if you want big guns!
Overall, Week 2 was good, I love most of  the workouts. The least interesting one for me so far would be the Shoulders/Arms workout, which I find not too beneficial (for combat sports). However, I guess it is good for sculpting the arms so that you can build big guns. So mostly, the workout is more for "show" and not so much "go".

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