P90X-Rushfit Hybrid Workout Week 1

Just completed Week 1 of the workout camp I call "Fit-X 90" as a nod to the great P90X and Rushfit home workout series. I blended workouts taken from both the series (and also a couple from Insanity).

Six pack goal!
  How I structured the workouts and schedule for the 1st week was as follows:

Day 1: Chest & Back (P90X)
Day 2: Plyometrics (P90X)
Day3: Shoulders/Arms (P90X)
Day 4: Ab Ripper X (P90X)
Day 5: I do BJJ on this day
Day 6: Fight Conditioning (Rushfit)
Day 7: Ab Ripper X (P90X)

As I don't have a lot of time on my hands to do some of the P90X workouts together with the Ab Ripper X on the same day, instead I do Ab Ripper X on my "off" days. I find that this suits my timing better.

So far I found that Chest & Back to be quite a tough workout, due to the many pullups that one has to do. I was really struggling to get a good number of reps in each set. Most of the time I could only manage 8, or 9 pullups (3-4 reps and taking short 3-4 second breaks in between). I dont know how those guys on the video can actually crank out 15-20 pullups in one go. That's just impressive. I hope to get there one day! Anyway, I just viewed this video where Tony Horton gave some good tips no pullup progression. Very helpful, and I think I will implement some of the tips. For instance, I will probably use the chair to help me get a few more reps in.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the Rushfit's Fight Conditioning workout. It's good cardio, and is definitely more fun than Kempo X. My favorite part was Round 4 where there is a lot of grappling based drills. Overall this one was a lot of fun.

More next week!

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