Build some Kettlebell Muscle!

Kettlebell training is certainly fun and tough at the same time. Using a kettlebell at a challenging weight will ramp up your conditioning and boost your muscle making abilities.

How about if you used two kettlebells instead of just one? It will surely bring more bang for your buck!

After doing some research on the www and also on youtube, iI found a program that is called Kettlebell Muscle. It's actually a book written by a guy named G Neupert. The goal of the program is to help increase muscle mass (which is one of my goals as well) using double kettlebells.

So I gave it a go, and the workout was as follows:

(Note: I used two 16kg kettlebells for this workout)

Heavy Day:

1. Double kettlebell cleans x 5

2. Double kettlebell military press x 5

3. Double kettlebell front squats x 5

4. Double kettlebell push press x 5

5. Double kettlebell front squats x 5

Now these are done in a form of a complex, meaning you do one after the other without putting the kettlebells down. You rest (2 mins) after completing one complex (1-5). Then you repeat this 5 times. Sounds easy, but it was tough! Towards the 4th set, my shoulders were already burning. But I was glad I could complete the whole workout in less than 20 minutes!

Sample video below:

I really liked the workout so I will be following the program for the next 6 weeks. Next up is the medium day, which will have less volume as the one I just did.

Double kettlebells FTW!

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