Green Arrow takes on Stardust at WWE Summerslam!

Just like a mega event in the comic books, there's always a climactic ending. This happened in the exciting story between Green Arrow or TV's Arrow (aka Stephen Amell) and the super villain of WWE, Stardust.

How did this epic bout come about? We go back in time to May 2015 , where the Monday Night RAW event was attended by Amell. He was picked on by Stardust, and soon enough, Stardust called out Amell on Twitter. The two antagonists then had mud slinging exchanges over the months. Stardust even threatened Arrow by tearing a Green Arrow comic in two. In fact, Stardust boasted that he would eat the Green Arrow's heart! 

Amell has extensive combat sports and
 fitness training, and is in great shape.

So the big fight finally took place at Summerslam! 

Amell (the Green Arrow) performed well in the ring. He partnered Neville while Stardust paired up with Cosmic King Barrett.Amell pulled off some nifty moves such as the enziguri and the senton splash! 

In the end, it was Amell's partner who got the pin on Cosmic King for the victory!

Arrow wins big!

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