Keanu Reeves does BJJ

Looks like the famous Matrix blockbuster star Keanu Reeves has jumped into the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

He was pictured recently with Rigan Machado at Rigan's academy. Looks like Keanu has started as a white belt, but it should not take too long for "Neo" to pick up the BJJ moves quickly, and then he can say... "I know BJJ!"

Anyway, even at age 51, Keanu shows that it is never too late (or too old) to learn new things.

Keanu after training with
Rigan Machado

Some other famous celebrities who are BJJ enthusiasts are people like Guy Ritchie, Chuck Norris, Ashton Kutcher, the late Paul Walker, Joe Rogan and Jason Statham.

By the way, I think Keanu must have caught the BJJ bug when he did the action/martial arts movie John Wick. Check out the BJJ moves that was used in the movie below (John WIck vs Perkins):

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