What is more important when it comes to working your muscles? According to recent research, it's more important that you lift more weight  rather than how often you do it.

One study showed that when three group of men hit the weights tow, three or four times a week, the difference in strength gains were minor. It may be enough if you trained twice a week, because that allows you to get a better recovery. If you trained more frequently, the stress may blunt some of the effects of training.

Military press

SO what does this mean? Well, so long as you out your muscles through the work necessary to make them grow, it doesnt matter how long or how often. Instead, we should focus on increasing the volume - more sets, more weight you lift or more reps, and we will see some good gains.

sumo deadlift

Here's a simple workout plan to try out. DO this for 6 weeks and see if they make a difference in your body.

Note: Do 4 sets of 10 reps. Do this twice a week. Workout A on Monday, and Workout B on Thursday. Try to increase the weight or rep or sets every workout.

Back rows

Workout A

1) Bench press
2) Standing military
3) Lateral raise
4) Skull crusher

Bench press

Workout B

1) Pullups
2) Sumo deadlift
3) Back rows
4)EZ bar curls


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