The BEST Abs Workout

If your approach to getting that six pack abs is to do countless sit ups into the hundreds for hours on end, then it's time for you to have another think coming...

Just doing as many as you can (ie the volume) ain't gonna carve out your abs.

So what is the thing to add to our workouts then? It's something those fellas in the fitness circles call "Toes to Bar". You know, the one where an athlete (usually those fit dudes at Crossfit) hangs under a pullup bar and then pulls his feet up to touch the bar for many reps. 

This is a truly dynamic workout which places unbelievable demands on your core muscles. Not only that, you will feel your grip, arm and shoulders being worked as well. Talk about your compound exercise, eh?

Try shooting for 4 sets of 10 reps the next time you are doing abs day and you will start to build your explosive core strength and endurance for sure!

Here's a Toes-to-Bar tutorial:

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  1. This excercise is really intense. I'm not sure if I can do even one rep of it xD