Top 5 Submissions for No-Gi BJJ

There are many grapplers nowadays who train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the gi, but they also train in no-gi at the same time. Those who play both games gi and no-gi will discover that certain techniques that work well in the gi don't really work for no-gi.

The grips are different, there is no gi material to hang on to, you can't slow the game down if you can't get grips on your opponent's gi lapels, sleeves or gi pants.

Suddenly all your favorite gi chokes and chokes that use you lapels and even your opponent's lapels for chokes will not be available when you play no-gi...

So what are the best and most reliable submissions for no-gi jiujitsu?

Here's my take. Feel free to disagree or agree!

1. Guillotine

Harder to use when you have the gi on (due to the lapels blocking the way), but you will find the entry easier when there is no gi on your opponent. It's easy to wrap your arm around your opponent and sneak your wrist under his throat.

2. Rear naked choke

Sometimes in no-gi facing the opponent straight on will be hard. Better if you can sneak behind their back where they can't see you. Therefore their defences will be somewhat limited. What's better than being able to choke them out with a rear naked choke?

3. Straight Foot Lock or Achilles Lock

Footlocks! If you have trouble passing someone's guard, especially when you have no handles to rely on, you just need to snag a leg and shoot for a footlock. If you can pull it off perfectly, your opponent will tap in no time.

4, Darce choke

One of my favorite chokes. Similar to the guillotine and arm triangle. Also easy to hit from different positions, especially when someone shoots in on you or turns towards you during a side control escape. Go for the darce on him. It hits hard!

5. Triangle choke

One of the most seen and reliable submissions for no-gi grappling and MMA. Nuff said!

There you have it! The best submissions for no-gi BJJ and submission grappling. Learn them, drill them, and you will be able to finish your opponents even when they have no gi on!

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