Riley Breedlove: Up and coming BJJ star

If you guys remember recently, Riley Breedlove set the brazilian jiu-jitsu world alight when a video of her was posted and shared on Facebook and became viral.

Star n the making
The video showed BJJ phenom Riley grappling in the park against a few opponents, and she very easily submitted them all. The armbars and triangles were flying, and the boys had no choice but to tap out.

 If you watch more of Riley's videos in competition, you will notice that she is a talented young lady and has been doing quite well in BJJ competitions.

Riley with rubber guard master Eddie Bravo
 She has medalled in many of the blue belt events that she has competed in.

It will be no surprise that she will soon be dominating the BJJ competition scene once she gets more experience and marches upwards to the rank of black belt. Check out some of her matches below:

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