Cut some fat and reach peak fitness!

If you want to look good, feel lighter, perform better in combat sports and generally want to improve your fitness, then it's time to burn and cut some of that extra fat from your body!

Check it out below how you look like in terms of bodyfat percentage.

bodyfat percentage for ladies
Bodyfat percentage for the ladies

bodyfat percentage for men
Bodyfat percentage for the gents

Honestly looking at the pictures, I don't mind having 15% bodyfat. So It should be a goal to aim for. What is YOUR goal?

In any case, to reduce bodyfat, one has to have a healthy diet (no more junk food, starchy food, too much sugar), and focus on metabolic or HIIT type workouts.

Here are some good ideas on working out to burn fat. Do them at least three times a week (M, W, F) and I'm sure you can make progress to reach the holy grail of 10% bodyfat physique!

Suggested workouts below:

So what are you waiting for? Time to get off that couch and go train!


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