Old Lady tries out MMA fighting. The outcome is disastrous

Alright. We know that these days it's good to be open minded. Old is gold and what not. 40 is the new 30. etcetera etcetera....

So what happens when a 68 year old lady decides she cannot be limited by her age, and jumps into the octagon to fight in a MMA match? (What? you're kidding me right?)

Ann Perez is not a spring chicken, but granted she has a lot of courage and heart. She fought a much younger opponent named Laura Dettman at the Sparta Combat League.

old lady mma fight
Old lady vs young fighter
After watching Perez go in and try to put up a fight against her much younger opponent, it was clear for all the spectators that Perez should have stayed at home to do gardening instead. Perez had no skills that you can see, and she definitely did not have any speed or strength. 

Dettman handled her like a rag doll and it looked like she was holding back a bit too. Honestly if Dettman had a better ground game she could have easily ended the "fight" with a north south choke (it would have been more merciful). Instead, all Perez got for her trouble was a ground and pound TKO.

Moral of the story? Perez was more suited for handling kindergarten children. Old ladies and old guys over 50 (hint hint, Ken Shamrock) have no business fighting in MMA contests.

Check out the fight here

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