2 stunning shockers at the UFC 196

Congratulations to Miesha Tate who pulled off a major upset to win the bantamweight belt from Holly Holm at UFC 196.

holly holm vs miesha tate stunning defeat for champion

Tate used her superior grappling skills to control the champion Holm on the ground and then sunk in a tight rear naked choke to put Holm to sleep. Amazing jiu-jitsu skills! Didnt see such an ending coming...

So Holm was unsuccessful in her first title defence and now Miesha Tate is the new champion. I suppose she will wait for Rhonda Rousey for her next fight (unless Holly Holm is given a rematch).

holm vs tate clinch

holm vs tate takedown

holm vs tate rear naked choke
Back mount, choke, good night
Conor Mcgregor vs Nate Diaz was also a great fight and again there was a surprising ending. 

Diaz fought a good boxing game against McGregor, and although he was cut early, he still managed to stun McGregor midway in the second round. A desperate Conor  tried hard to stall the fight and take the game to the ground but that turned out to be a huge error as Diaz's jiu-jitsu skill were too slick. 

Diaz easily got top control, sliced through to mount, rained a few punches on McGregor who turned away to avoid the strikes. Diaz then got back mount and sunk in a deep rear naked choke for the tap out. Classic Gracie Jiu-Jitsu right there! 

mcgregor diaz top control
Getting top control

mcgregor diaz mount control and strikes
Mount, strike to make opponent turn away

mcgregor diaz back mount and choke
Back mount, choke, good night
Will this loss affect Conor McGregor's confidence when he returns to his original weight division? Will a rematch against Jose Aldo be next on the horizon?

Will Nate Diaz go on and win more big fights?

Exciting things coming to the UFC for sure!

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