3 things you must know for the rear naked choke submission

After witnessing the exciting submission victories of Miesha Tate and Nate Diaz at the UFC 196, fight fans and experts are all going "jiu-jitsu wins" etc etc.

conor vs diaz rear naked choke
The feared rear naked choke being applied
effectively in an MMA fight
That's because both the big winners at the UFC event won their fights by finishing their opponents with the deadly rear naked choke (or RNC) submission. This techniques is mainly used by players and fighters who train in jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and submission grappling, as well as those who fight in MMA.

So how do we make sure we have a great RNC in our game plan? We know to start attacking the neck, we have to be good at taking the back (for the back mount). The entry can be from many positions, from side control, from the mount, from the guard, from turtle and even from passing the guard.

So besides asking your coach or instructor, there are many sources on the web that you can check out. Here are some of the best:

Taking the back

Here are some of the ways you can get your opponent's back. You need to know this as you won't be able to choke your opponent if you can't even get the back in the first place.

Controlling the position

After getting on your opponent's back, you have to be able to keep the position and control the person, so that he does not escape.

The rear naked choke finish

marcelo garcia back mount choke
The best ever! Marcelo Garcia
Ok now that you can get your opponent's back, and you are able to hold on to the position and maintain good control, it's time to apply the pressure and kiss your nemesis goodnight! Get your arms ready like a boa constrictor to squeeze his neck and put him to sleep...

And another good instruction of the rear naked choke here by none other than the great Braulio Estima

braulio rear naked choke
This is how you choke
Click here for the Braulio rear naked choke

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