How to Win a BJJ Match with a Gameplan

Have you ever been in a situation where you are rolling against your opponent (in your Jiu-Jitsu class or even in BJJ competition) and suddenly you realize that you can't think of exactly what techniques you want to execute?

Gameplan for BJJ

Your opponent is all over you, getting his grips, taking you out of posture, cutting thru your guard, crushing you from the top. And you are thinking "Do I scramble out and back to my knees/feet? Pull half-guard? Play spider guard? Stay in survival mode and just not get submitted?"

Well then it is time to play your Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) game with a bit more planning and thinking. Here's where you will need a Gameplan for BJJ. To quote Marshall Carper, a gameplan is "A gameplan is akin to having a strategy. You have a set of go-to techniques that connect together and support each other, ultimately creating a coherent “path” for you to follow. When a match starts, you know what kind of takedowns or guard pulls you are going to do, and for each position along the way you know what your preferred move is and have a pretty good idea of how your opponent will counter, allowing you to have your own batch of re-counters stashed comfortably up your sleeve."

So here is one example of a gameplan that you can put into your game and try out. You will be consciously going to guard, sweep, pass and then submit!

bjj gameplan
Gameplan - sweep, pass, submit!
Check out the videos below...

1. The Entry

2. Get the sweep

3. Pass that guard

4. Get the submission

So try it out! Once you start the roll, get to your gameplan straight away. Of course there may be some hurdles along the way, such as the opponent blocking your moves or you do not get the position that you were looking for, but this will be your rough guide. You will eventually put in more moves to your gameplan so that more eventualities are covered.

Happy training!

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