The Punisher! Home Strength and Conditioning Workout

This is  a new workout I have nicknamed "the Punisher" in honor of the badass vigilante super-hero recently seen in the Netflix Daredevil series.

punisher workout

It's called "punisher" simply because it will be super tough and take your cardio and conditioning levels to their limit if you do it right... Your whole body will be worked - the legs, chest, abs, back, shoulders. arms... So it is a complete workout.

Other  benefits from this workout would be the fat burning effect and you build muscle too. And the workout should not take too long as it moves fast in a circuit with little rest, so you should be able to get the job done in around 30 minutes.

As this is a home workout, you should be able to have available a few essential equipment. They would be:

1. dumbbells
2. kettlebells
3. a  bench
4. workout mats or puzzle foam mats (so that you dont damage your floor slinging all those heavy weights around)
5. A pullup bar

These equipment are a basic requirement for a simple home gym, so if you dont already have them around, you have to go buy them. They are not expensive and should be easily available in sports retail shops etc.

The workout consists of 6 exercises put together in a circuit. You will do these exercises one after the other resting only if you have to (to catch your breath) and carry on until all 6 exercises are done. Then rest 2 minutes and do another 3-4 rounds of the circuit.
punisher home workout
Train this way to build
a badass body
The Punisher Home Workout

1. Goblet squat x 10 reps

2. Bench press (dumbbells) x 8 reps

3. Pull-ups x 8 reps

4. Dumbbell squats x 8 reps

5. Hanging leg raises x 10 reps

6. Kettlebell swings x 15 reps

Once the workout gets too easy, increase weight, or increase the reps per exercise so that it will always be challenging for you.

Give this workout a try. Two to three times a week and your strength and conditioning will be taken care of.

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