3 Best Guard Sweeps Every BJJ Blue Belt Should Know

You are training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). You get taken down and you pull guard. Your opponent is in your guard and he is getting ready to pass. Now what?
sweep - can't stand can't fight
Sweep the leg...
Every BJJ player from beginning to intermediate levels (white to blue belt) should have a set repertoire of sweeps that he can perform from the guard. Otherwise you will find yourself stuck and just fighting off guard pass attempts the whole time. It would be better if you can hit a sweep to get on top and turn the tables around.

bjj blue belt sweeps
Sweep and put your opponent on his butt
So what are the best guard sweeps that every blue belt should know?

1. The Hip Bump Sweep

This is one of the earliest sweeps you are taught in BJJ class. But many beginning students seem to forget about this one and spend more time working on fancier, less high percentage sweeps. The hip bump is worth your while to practice, as you are sitting up on your opponent, thereby disrupting his base and having your hips free. This makes you more dangerous, and causes your opponent to be more worried about being swept and or submitted. He will then have less time to think about passing your guard...

2. The Flower Sweep

Another great guard sweep to incorporate into your game is the Flower Sweep (also called the pendulum sweep). It works quite well most of the time. Some may find it a bit awkward to attempt the first few times, but once you get it all together and your arm, pivot, hip motion and legs are working with full coordination, you will be sweeping a lot of guys. And usually you will also end up in mount. So this sweep is definitely worth investing in.

3. The Tripod Sweep

A lot of times, when your opponent is stuck in your guard and is finding is difficult to pass your guard, they will try to stand up and pass. That would be one of the best times to go for the tripod sweep. It is very easy to set up and pull of. Your opponent will find that as he stands up, he is suddenly put on his back again (as long as you go for this sweep quickly - timing is key).


If you are a seasoned white belt or have reached the rank of blue belt, make sure these sweeps are part of your guard game. They are easy to pull off, high percentage and even if you don't get the sweep, you will find that you won't lose position and can easily reset and try again.

So now go out there and train!

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