6 Dumbbell Moves to Get You Ripped

If you are a bit short of time but still need to put in some time to work out, you can try this one.
dumbbell gunslinger workout

Fitness expert and coach Funk Roberts calls it the Dumbbell Gunslinger workout. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete, and it will get you ripped and lean thanks to the metabolic nature of the workout.

What you need

1. Dumbbells
2. Kettlebells
3. Exercise mats
4. Gymboss timer

What are the benefits

1. Quick workout
2. Boosts physical conditioning and stamina
3. Burns fat
4. Builds lean muscle
5. Burns calories
6. Enhances muscle-endurance
7. Minimum equipment needed

What are the moves involved

6 moves, therefore "gun-slinger" (they carry six-shooters), done in a circuit. Do 3 full rounds. 30 seconds each move. Rest 2 minutes after each round

1. Kettlebell/dumbbell swing
2. Renegade rows
3. Dumbbell lunges
4. Alternating bicep curls
5. Atlas Pushups (done on two dumbbells)
6. Kettlebell/dumbbell thrusters

See the sample workout (plus the moves) by Funk Roberts below:

Dumbbell Gunslinger Workout

This is also a very good workout as a supplement for your Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) or MMA training. They can be done on the days when you are not training on the mats. Give it a try and see how it goes!

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