BJJ Legend Marcelo Garcia vs the World

bjj legend marcelo garcia

BJJ Legend Marcelo Garcia vs the World

What happens when one of the best ever grappling and BJJ legends Marcelo Garcia takes on the rest of the grappling champions and legends? It will certainly be a major feast for BJJ fans everywhere, that's what!

All the players will display great technical skill, awesome speed and power, superb agility and tactical genius...

There are many videos of multiple times world and ADCC champion and BJJ legend Marcelo Garcia rolling and sparring with all comers, but these highlighted below are some of the best (and also my favorites) to watch and learn from. You will see all kinds of sweeps, open guard games, guard passing tactics, submission attempts, guard recovery, escapes from inferior positions, mad scrambles and many more BJJ and grappling positions and techniques.

Check out BJJ Legend Marcelo Garcia vs the World:

Marcelo sparring against 2007 World Champion Rafael Lovato Jr

Marcelo vs the legendary Cobrinha

Marcelo has a rolling session with World Champ Bernardo Faria

MG takes on Master of the Twister and  Rubber Guard Eddie Bravo

Marcelo Garcia also has one of the best online instructional webites out there called There are hundreds of instructional videos and sparring sessions there and is reall awesome. You can learn all of MG's game there. 

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