The "Awesome Abs Blaster" Abs Workout | Target Your Core!

awesome abs laster workout

The Awesome Abs Blaster Workout to Target Your Core

Today we will cover an awesome workout that targets your abs, specifically your core area and midsection. These parts will be worked hard - upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back. 

If you can combine abs workouts with your other workouts such as weight training, cardio workouts as well as control your diet (proper nutrition), you will surely start to lose belly fat and develop the sought-after six pack abs!

Abs workout tips: Do not rush the reps. Take your time to contract your abs when you do the rep. Move steadily and smoothly, and don't hold your breath.

Here are the moves. 1-6 make up one round. Move quickly from one exercise to the next, taking minimum rest. Do three rounds, resting 1 minute after each complete round.
She's got ABS!
The Awesome Abs Blaster Workout

1. Hanging leg raises x 12

2. V-ups x20

3. Windshield wipers x10 each side

4. Bicycle crunches x 20

5. Russian twist x10 each side

6. Plank - hold for 1 minute

You can do this workout as a finisher on the days when you weight train, or on the off days, in between your main workout days. 2-3 times a week will be sufficient to start to see some good results and eventually carve out your six pack abs!

awesome abs workout
Your six pack abs goal!

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