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Spider Guard Game for BJJ Blue Belts

It's always a good thing to look at playing BJJ in the form of games (BJJ gameplan). This is more for students who have at least 6 months to a year of training under their belts, ie you are around a seasoned white belt to early blue belt level. Having a BJJ gameplan helps your decision making process (for technique execution) and also to focus your attacks. This is a BJJ gameplan based on the Spider Guard, highly suited for blue belts

There are four moves here. Practice the Spider Guard moves one at a time, and then put them together in a combination. If one fails, go for the other attack. Keep cycling the moves until you successfully finish with a submission or get the sweep.

So here's great Spider Guard game which is a must-know if you are a BJJ blue belt:

Spider Guard Game for Blue Belts

1. Basic Spider Guard Sweep

This tutorial shows how you enter into the spider guard and then you can pull off this basic sweep, which works well from beginner to advanced levels. This basic spider guard sweep is similar to the scissor sweep (in terms of angle) and also works against opponents who stand in your guard.

2. Spider Guard Triangle Choke

Besides the sweep above, you can combine it with a submission. In this case shooting for the triangle is a really viable option due to your legs and grips already well positioned. It's only just a slight adjustment in hips and angles that will allow you to shoot your legs up and snag your opponent into a tight triangle finish. Notice Michelle Nicolini showing a cool detail with pushing the guy's leg away to break balance before attacking with the triangle.

3.  Spider Guard Omoplata

Another really great option from spider guard is the omoplata. You can't go wrong with learning this version from the omoplata king Clark Gracie!

4. Spider Guard Overhead Sweep

Finally this overhead sweep from spider guard. A good option if your opponent is giving you a lot of forward pressure. You can take him over your head and get top position in such a situation. However this one is a bit trickier to do as it requires good coordination and balance. Just drill getting your opponent up and balancing on your feet (keeping him there for a few seconds) should get you used to this move. Remember to keep your chin tucked in, especially for the guy being swept. Forward roll mastery is a must for this technique!

Here's a a great example of the Spider Guard Game as discussed here being executed in competition:

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