Miesha Tate's Rude Surprise at UFC 200

Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunes = Rude Surprise for the Champ

When Miesha Tate took on Holly Holm at the previous UFC a few months ago, nobody had expected Tate to pull out a win. But Tate survived the onslaught brought by the then champion Holm, and ended up choking out the champion. Tate was a deserving victor in the end, and crowned champion after a few failures at the hands of Ronda Rousey.

Miesha looked great but
was not able to put up
a good fight
Now at UFC 200 Miesha Tate was to make her first title defence against Brazilian Amanda Nunes. Tate came in (to the Katy Perry song "Roar")  looking focused and amped up, but had some noticeable nervousness in her face.

Amanda Nunes was clearly not nervous, as she started strongly and put a beating on the champ from the get go. Tate suddenly had a fight for survival on her hands as Nunes proved to be a hard hitter. Tate ended up being bruised, battered and finally choked out in the first round. Turns out that BJJ black belt Amanda Nunes was the one who "roared"...

See you soon,
Perhaps Miesha Tate was really nervous on her first fight as champion, and was not able to put up a good show. Hopefully she will recover from this setback, and come back stronger in the next fight. Tate has to tighten up her striking defence and work on her own striking skills too. In the meantime, Amanda Nunes rules the roost! Let's see how long  this new Bantamweight queen will reign.

No luck for defending champions

Incidentally, the recent UFC events have shown that defending champions do not have much luck. Look at what happened to Rafael Dos Anjos, who got KTFO by Eddie Alvarez in a great fight.  The lackluster Fabricio Werdum also was unable to defend his crown, and got KTFO by Stipe Miocic. A similar outcome was also seen when Michael Bisping clobbered the champ Luke Rockhold. We also saw this earlier with Holly Holm (who lost her title to Tate).

Why is it so hard for champions to hold on to their belts? Overconfidence? Nerves? Lack of preparation? Underestimating their opponents? It could be a mix of these.

So now let's see which champ is able to hold on to their title for at least two defences. Alvarez, Nunes, Bisping and Miocic, let's see what you guys got!

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