Roger Gracie! BJJ's King of the Mats

Roger Gracie! BJJ's King of the Mats

BJJ great Roger Gracie finally proves once and for all that he is the best grappler on this planet. How did he do that?

Well, he took on current BJJ great Buchecha at the Gracie Pro 2017 tournament, in a match scheduled for 15 minutes.

Roger Gracie proves he is the GOAT
Roger Gracie vs Buchecha 2017
As we all remember, the dynamic duo faced each other at Metamoris a few years ago and that epic match ended as a draw, with some observers saying that Buchecha had dominated the match against Roger Gracie.

This time Roger Gracie proved to doubters (and there were many) that he is indeed the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) when he took control of the match and quickly finished Buchecha with a basic collar choke from the back. It was indeed an emphatic win and and exclamation point to the question of who is the best BJJ artist of all time.

See the crucial ending below:

Now Roger Gracie has announced that he is retiring from the world of competitive BJJ... So we wish Roger all the best in his future career (hopefully he will return to dominate the MMA scene).

And here, Roger Gracie tells us how he took out Buchecha:

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