Roger Gracie's BJJ Offensive Series

Roger Gracie's BJJ Offensive Series 

After Roger Gracie's epic match against Buchecha, BJJ aficionados have been talking about Roger Gracie's BJJ game.

roger gracie offensive series

So let's take a  look at some of the things Roger likes to do against his opponents whenever he decides to attack from there...

1. Armdrag to back take

Once he locks on to your arm and pulls it across, you're in big trouble...

2. Sweep from closed guard

Once your arm has been dragged, Roger has the option to get your back or go for the sweep. It's a hard combo attack to defend against.

3. Back mount collar choke

Once Roger Gracie gets your back, you know he will always go for your collar to hit the basic back mount collar choke. Super simple, but deadly (as Buchecha discovered).

4. Mount attacks

If Roger mounts you, then you know what's coming next. The dreaded cross choke from mount! Your arm and your neck are in serious danger!

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