Mayweather is the King of the Ring

mcgregor vs mayweather

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

After all the hype, the noisy foul-mouthed laden press conferences, and fairy tale like boasting, we finally get to see the reality, when unbeaten boxing champion Floyd Mayweather took on MMA hotshot Conor McGregor.

Mayweather proved to all fight fans that in boxing, at least, he remains to be the best of all time (based on his unblemished record), with 50-0 after taking out UFC champion McGregor in the 10th round.

Here are 5 things we observed on fight night:

1. McGregor looked way bigger than Mayweather - you would have thought that the size difference would make some difference to the fight, but ultimately it did not. McGregor was not able to bully Mayweather with his grappling skills, and failed to back up his earlier boasting of being able to easily throw Mayweather around the ring. Instead, it was Mayweather that seemed to be roughing up Conor in the clinches! 

2. Floyd came to fight - Usually Mayweather does not go on the offensive in his fights, but this time, against McGregor, Floyd was going forward, and did not seem to worried about McGregor's punches.

3. Power difference - in the early exchanges, Conor was able to tag Floyd a couple times, but his blows did not seem to have much power in them. Floyd was able to shrug them off and smile, and continue going forward. Maybe McGregor wanted to save energy and kept his power strikes in reserve... who knows? Instead he chose to go with speedy slappy type punches (which scored, but barely did any damage). On the other hand, when Floyd landed his shots, you can clearly see Conor buckle. He said the ref should have let his continue int he 10th round, but honestly, it didnt look like McGregor was going to survive the onslaught at the end.

4. Age difference - Mayweather is 40! And Conor is in his early 30s. You would think McGregor would be running all over Mayweather, with his younger legs. Wrong! Floyd showed everyone that he had the more endurance, stamina and power when he outworked the younger Conor. "I was fatigued!" said Conor... How can that be? He's so much younger!

5. Conor McGregor is a very smart man - he managed to talk and sell his way into this mega fight against Mayweather, and made a ton of money. He probably even knew from the beginning that he was not going to win, yet, he gave everybody the illusion that he was going to easily beat Floyd. At the end of the day, Conor gave a good fight, enjoyed himself in the ring, and ended up hundreds of millions richer.  Maybe he'll be able to convince everyone to do a rematch?

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