Best Submissions at ADCC 2017

best submission adcc 2017

The ADCC 2017 championships just ended, and this time the matches were really awesome, with many submissions scored. Among the big names this year were legends such as Buchecha, Romulo Barral, Cobrinha, Leandro Lo, Lucas Lepri, Xande Ribeiro and many other top class athletes.

There were some major upsets with upstarts Craig Jones and Gordon Ryan scoring big wins. Notably Gordon Ryan submitting Barral and Keenan Cornelius, and Craig Jones shocking the world when he choked out Lo.

Another major victory was scored by Felipe Pena when he choked out the great Buchecha in an absolutes match on his way to ADCC absolute gold.

Xande Ribeiro also made headlines when he armbarred Russian bear Chsiev. Truly a thing of beauty...

So here are some of the highlights of the best submissions for your viewing pleasure!

The Best Submissions at the ADCC 2017...Check out the video below:


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