The Best Half Guard Underhook Game for Beginners

The Best Half Guard Game for Beginners

Have you ever been stuck in half guard (bottom) and cant figure your way out of getting back your position? Or your opponent almost passed your guard and you managed to snatch a last minute half guard position but cant think of what to do after that? (yes - you'll be crushed underneath your opponents's top control pressure)...

1. Underhook Half Guard Sweep

Well, then, as a beginner in Brazilian Jiujitsu, when it comes to playing half guard, this is one of the best games to play, It starts with you getting a strong underhook, going underneath your opponent's base and staying on your side as much as possible.

half guard for beginners

From this underhook half guard position, you will then need one really solid attack to throw at your opponent. This attack of choice would be the famous "old school" sweep from underhook half guard. Generally you fight for a deep underhook from half guard, get on your knees (the dogfight position) and then drive forward, tapping the opponent's far knee, or grabbing his far foot. This will give you an easy sweep.

Underhook half guard sweep (old school)

2. Underhook Half Guard sweep alternative

Well, of course just relying on one sweep will not be the wisest of choices. Eventually you will end up going against one of those well balanced dudes who make coming to the knees and driving forward an impossible job...

So you will need to link the above attack with another reliable offensive move.

Say you were going for the underhook sweep as above. But this time your opponent gives you a lot of forward pressure, and really locks down on his overhook on your underhook arm. So what do you do? Hit the rollunder sweep!

Roll under half guard sweep

Having these two attacks in your repertoire will really give you a reliable game to play when fighting from half guard. If you can't get the first sweep, hit the roll under sweep. If you go for the rollunder sweep and the guy bases out, go back to the underhook old school sweep! It's like the old one-two punch from boxing... eventually you will get a knockout! 

Here are a couple of good instructionals on the half guard:

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