GSP is the Greatest Fighter of All Time (GOAT)

gsp beats michael bisping

Georges St-Pierre came, he saw and he conquered! After a four year long retirement, good ol' Rushfit GSP came back to challenge the Count Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight title. This fight answers who is the greatest MMA fighter of all time...

They fought in 3 grueling, bloody and brutal rounds, and just when we were all thinking "GSP doesnt look like he can last 5 rounds!..He looks tired... isn't going to win..." suddenly BOOM! A left hook came out of nowhere and sent the Count down to the canvas in the third round. 
gsp is the goat

What a shock! And then GSP follows up with a vicious onslaught of GNP before tricking (or "trapping", as GSP terms it) into turning away and allowing GSP to force a backmount and then sink a vice-tight rear naked choke. The Count was truly down for the count! Bisping proved he was a tough SOB by refusing to tap out, and fell into unconsciousness from the choke.

gsp lights out bisping

What an amazing comeback from the former champion! GSP truly shocked the MMA world with this big win. Unbelievable!

Congratulations to Georges St-Pierre! A true champion! Truly the G O A T! Maybe next on the hit list is Whittaker? Can GSP work his magic again? 

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